Tori Black Slips Out of White Lingerie

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The luscious Tori Black is welcoming you into her home for one erotic show. She’s already half dressed as she’s been expecting you. Look at her, starting at those heels, up her stocking covered legs, to those creamy thighs. Continue up that soft body, huge tits covered by her bra, and then you’ve got that beautiful face with a smirk knowing just what she does to you.

Sit back and enjoy as she loses the top, lets out her plush tits, and slides her panties off. The view from behind is incredible – such an ample ass. She sits down, legs spread and that pink pussy already open. She’s got just the thing to make this show unforgettable. She’s going to fuck herself for you, ramming that slick dildo into her cunt and wishing it was you.

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Tori Black Pretty Poolside Strip

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Feast your eyes upon gorgeous brunette Tori Black as she teases her smoking hot natural body out of her little bikini.

Tori pulls open her top to show off her sweet natural tits and suckable nipples. She then rids of her bottoms to show her trimmed patch of black pussy hair.

Continuing the titillation, she seats herself on a patio chair and lifts her long legs to expose her wet honey hole.

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Tori Black Shares Hot Threesome With Aletta Ocean

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lovely brunette Tori Black is enjoying time with her sexy friend Aletta Ocean. Aletta loves her black lingerie and thigh high stockings and Tori wears her creamy sex clothes. These tantalizing babes love to strip and embrace and caress, warming each other up before taking on their hard stud lover.

When they get their cunts all warmed up and juicy, Tori Black and Aletta Ocean will be ready for that huge, hard cock, driving deep within their creamy holes. The harder he thrusts, the harder they cum, and they are both totally into cumming hard. They are also very good at it!

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Tori Black Takes on Two Superhero Dicks at Once

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kneeling naked between two Superhero studs, Tori Black is happy to enjoy two cocks at once. She strokes and sucks both of her lovers and then gets on her knees so Robin can fuck her while she sucks Batman’s dick. Everyone knows that after a hard day of crime fighting, Superheros need love too, and this horny vixen is happy to be tag teamed by the dynamic duo.

Tori Black can’t get enough of stroking, licking, sucking, and fucking Batman and Robin cock, but she can’t help but worry a little bit. If they cum as hard as they fight, they might just shoot her to the moon!

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Tori Black Slips Off Sheer Dress to Spread Pussy

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gorgeous brunette porn babe Tori Black is looking divine in her sheer pink dress. The ruffles add to the overall romantic picture of her dress even though the sheer fabric allows you to see just a hint of her sexy flesh underneath. She slips the collar down, allowing you to see one perfect nipple. Flashing her ass in your direction, she then turns around and bares both boobs before getting completely naked.

When Tori Black spreads her legs, her juicy pussy is so fine that you just want to touch it and taste it. She spreads her cunt lips apart, hoping to encourage you even closer!

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Tori Black Takes Glamour Into Softcore Territory

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wearing nothing more than a ruffly black belt and thigh high boots, Tori Black looks incredible. Her love wavy brunette locks cover her small natural breasts. She’s fair complected and is rocking a deep lipstick, that gives her this almost ‘bitch’ aura. She’s gorgeous, badass, and will make you want her.

As she moves away her hands, her tiny patch of pubic hair comes into view. And the lower you follow that little arrow, the closer you get to her exposed slit. The more Tori Black moves and poses, the more her hair is tussled about, exposing her tasty little nipples.

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Tori Black rides a big black cock

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tori Black is home alone when her friend’s brother Nat shows up drunk from the party. He needs to lie down, so maybe some water and aspirin will help? But Tori has a better idea: a blowjob’s just what he needs, and then she wants to vehicle his big dick.

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Tori Black is Sexiest Cat Woman

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Everyone loves Batman. Sorry Superman fans. But one of the hottest parts of the 1960s Batman television show was Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman. With the Batman parody porn out there, we get to see the hottest brunette in porn, Tori Black, don the Catwoman costume. That skin tight fabric clings to her every curve. She’s just as hot in it as she is out of it.

Tori Black is the true definition of sex kitten. She strips down to just those boots, long gloves, and cat ears and it’s like all your childhood fantasies are becoming reality. After seeing her in this hot costume, someone needs to step in and show her the BANG! ZOOM! POW!

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Tori Black Strips Off Sexy Pink Teddy

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beautiful Tori Black is sexy and seductive in a pink teddy. Her long legs and lush ass play peekaboo under the loose fabric and soon, she’s stripping it all off! You can tell by the way she spreads her legs so wide apart before showing you the juicy pink of her pussy, that this babe is anxious to be licked and tasted.

Your mouth would feel so hot and wonderful to her hungry pussy and just the thought of it makes Tori Black shiver with lust. This tasty babe wants to thrust her hips and fuck your face until she cums right in your mouth!

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Tori Black Brings the Christmas Spirit While Wearing White Lingerie

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pretty porn temptress Tori Black is playing dress up for Christmas. She found herself some delightfully hot red and white lingerie and with thigh high stockings on her feet, her curvaceous body is looking fine.

It may be cold outside but it’s nice and hot in any room this babe is in, and she wants to welcome you in and help you get warm. She’ll start off by stripping but if you need more warmth, there are hot treasures to be found. Tori Black is ready to unwrap the goods and you might even find a place to bury that huge hard cock!

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Tori Black Official Site

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tori Black is one tasty little dish but she packs a BIG sexual punch with everything she features inside her Official Site:

I can’t believe I finally have my own website! Now I can finally be myself! I’ve got tons of new videos and pictures that I want to share with you, and trust me; you won’t find them anywhere else! You can also tune in to my LIVE webcam shows and tell me what you like to see! So pull up a chair, get comfortable and come on in! I’d love to get to know you a little bit better! ;-)

Tori Black Gets Frisky For the Holidays

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tori Black just loves Christmas. This deliciously hot brunette beauty is feeling all glittery and scintillating and she wants to share all those horny feelings with you. She’s hoping you will see her as a gift to be unwrapped slowly and then savored on your tongue thoroughly, like a fine wine or deep, rich, dark chocolate.

When you see Tori Black nude, how can you resist her siren call. This luscious babe is so tempting, she could even put Santa on the naughty list if he caught sight of her. She is hot and horny deliciousness in action and you know that if you got together with a babe like Tori, she wouldn’t stop giving you thrills until your Christmas staff was properly used. Grab some mistletoe and make a wish, and Tori might just let you kiss her anywhere you want to.

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Tori Black is a Sex Kitten in Blue Satin

Monday, October 1, 2012

There’s no denying just how hot Tori Black is. This brunette is a real beauty queen. She’s all dressed up for a night out in the club but first, she’s got something other than dancing on her mind. This hottie is ready to drop the clothes for some well choreographed pussy pleasing.

She pulls her dress down just enough to let her small natural breasts out. They look incredible – so soft with small nipples, they’re a prime example of perfect tits. Tori is definitely horny as she slips her fingers under her black sheer panties. She wants to have that pussy purring and she’s got just the trick to make herself cum!

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Tori Black Knows How to Handle Big Black Cock

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

If there’s one thing Tori Black likes, it’s big black dick. This is a babe that craves the dark meat. She’s ready to drop the dress, open that pussy wide, and take in every inch of this guy. Hopefully this lily white bitch can handle that kind of a fucking.

This bitch knows her place – she drops to her knees and opens wide in order to get a big mouthful of cock. She’s going to learn how to deepthroat and quick once this thick black rod to forced down her throat. It’ll be tickling her tonsils and this bitch will gag and love it. Once it’s nice and lubed up, she sits on that black rod, letting it rip through her pink slick pussy. This slut makes some of the hottest interracial porn out there.

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Tori Black Looking Beautiful By the Beach

Monday, July 30, 2012

Tori Black loves to be near the water. It is one thing that makes her feel truly alive. Another thing that really gets her pulse racing is to be naked.

She loves the feel of fresh cool air against her skin, especially in all the places she doesn’t normally get to feel it. When she’s near the water and feeling that ocean breeze, as soon as she knows that she’s alone, she starts stripping off her clothing so that her skin can breath.

It feels so fine and free and she knows that she looks good. You enjoy watching her, don’t you? Her fine body is so curvy and deliciously touchable and when she’s naked and you can check out that fine ass, you know you’re going to get hard as a rock. That’s half the fun, right?

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